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From: Jimmy Chappel

Dear fellow entrepreneur/business owner,

It’s a fact that Pinterest is huge at the moment! It's a MASSIVE network of hungry customers who just can't wait to BUY from you.

According to Shopify - from their analysis of over 25,000 online stores - they found that customers who initially visit Pinterest, will spend about twice as much as those who don’t. I don't know about you, but that's music to my ears...

Quite simply, if you're a business, you'll want to tap into this market.

According to new research, “Roughly 25% of consumers reported purchasing a product or service after discovering it on Pinterest.” That statistic alone, gives me chills to think about how much time I've wasted on other social networks.

This led me to do some research and find out exactly why...

Well, it turns out that compared to other social media sites, Pinterest decreases the amount of steps users take from discovering something interesting to an actual conversion.

Plus, the entire platform is designed to excite visitors visually, and this is the catalyst you need to warm them up to your offers.

...and the amazing news is that it works for any business, any niche, and any product or service.

But here’s the problem...

Most people are marketing on Pinterest the WRONG WAY!

In fact, you may have tried it yourself, and then thought, “This doesn’t work.”

However, you simply have to do it the right way, otherwise you'll fall by the wayside...just like all the others.

Even if you got lucky and stumbled across a pile of traffic, would you really know how to make MONEY from it?

C'mon, be honest...

But it's don't have to worry, because I have your back.

My brand new training is about shock you!

Take A Look At What Others Have To Say...

"Jimmy Chappel's program helped me to become a master of Pinterest even faster than I expected. I had looked high and low for ways to increase the traffic to my website, but none of them really worked. This course allowed me to build my account, and make more sales in a week than the entire time I've been online. If you need an easy way to boost your business, this is it." ~Amanda Morrison

"It truly took no longer than 3 weeks to completely transform my store, and now I have sales coming in day and night. I had to hire a virtual assistant to manage the customer service, since the sales are coming in around the clock. This traffic is real buyer traffic, and I attribute all of my success directly to the strategies in Jimmy's course. It doesn't get any better than that." ~John Williams

"Pinterest traffic truly rocks! There's no resistance, and visitors actually look forward to finding something they would spend money on. It's crazy. I own a fashion line, and business continues to grow each week. So far, so good, but it's honestly due to the skills I learned in Jimmy Chappel's Pinterest training. I avoided so many mistakes and saved so much time." ~Samantha Evans

"To call this premium training is an understatement! I feel like I've just completed a college degree in Pinterest marketing. Not only is it a lesson in boatloads of targeted traffic, it also gives you the mastery of making money online. I have never seen such powerful coaching in such an easy, compact video series. To put it simply, if you want traffic, but more importantly, if you want to produce income from that traffic...JUST GET THIS. You won't regret it." ~Kristina Parks

"Wow...I'm practically speechless from the results I'm getting, ever since I got Jimmy's video training. I went through the entire coaching in one sitting, and immediately logged into Pinterest just to start testing out the techniques he taught me. I can already see a noticeable difference in my traffic stats, and it's only been a few days! I'm currently implementing the income streams and the 1-2-3 Method." ~Kelly Holland

"I don't have anything good to say about Jimmy Chappel apart from, his Pinterest course is freakin' amazing! I've been testing the advice and applying it precisely as he teaches, and it's completely transformed my business. If you have anything to do with Pinterest, or you simply want to command a large volume of traffic on a consistent basis, THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED!" ~Phillip Elliott

"I don't know how much Jimmy is charging for the information, but I had the pleasure of receiving a review copy....and I must say that you won't find a better Pinterest product. It covers everything, and there's no fluff. The amount of value you get is insane! Just straight up Pinterest domination the whole way, and it even includes the whole Make Money Online shebang! I love it." ~Edmund Nichols.

"Perfect for a beginner, and perfect for an advanced user. These startegies are timeless. Not just for Pinterest, but for running a profitable business on the internet. Jimmy Chappel gets 5 stars for this. If you want to obliterate your traffic problems, once and for all, this is the best solution." ~Jana Malone.

"This is unlike anything I've seen before. It must have taken so much time and care to create such a powerful program, without the extra unnecessary content you normally get from a digital product. Jimmy's coaching is so unique and you actually absorb the information properly. I can't wait to apply it." ~Dallas Farebrother.

"My Pinterest account is really taking off! I have never found it so easy to get traffic, and my sales just continue to increase. You could literally run any type of business using the information you get in the videos. Jimmy, thanks so much. Personally, I would have kept it to myself ;-)" ~Jasmine Moreno.

"Holy cow! I'll be shifting my entire marketing strategy to Pinterest, because I've never had this much traffic in my life. Plus, my followers just continue increase at a steady rate. More pins, more engagement, and more sales. Unlimited're not wrong!" ~Katie Reese.

"I was given a review copy and I went through the whole course from start to finish. Let me just say that whatever Jimmy charges for this, it's worth every penny. This is premium coaching at its very best. He knows his stuff and I wouldn't be surprised if he puts a high-ticket price tag on it, because anything less would be a steal." ~Adrian Lloyd.

So What Is The Formula For All This Madness?


EZ Pin Traffic Reloaded

  33-Part Video Course

Here's The Breakdown Of This
33-Part Video Series In More Detail.

Video #1 - Introduction

While everyone else is pinning their hearts out and wondering why it’s not converting, you’re going to be doing something else. In this video, we’re going to make sure you have the right mindset, so you can successfully implement this strategy. The goal is to ensure you’re not thinking like everyone else. You’ll get an idea of which tools you’ll need as well.
Video #2 - The Platform

Before we get started, it’s crucial that we’re on the same page. You’re excited about learning how to use Pinterest to get traffic, but to ensure your success is high – we want to make sure you’re hitting the bullseye or at least close to it. Part of understanding how to get traffic from Pinterest and convert it, is understanding how it works.
Video #3 - Quality Is Key

Once you understand how Pinterest works and what type of people go there, we’ll talk about the images that you add to various boards.  It’s obvious that you’ll be competing with 1000’s of other businesses or individuals, so your images and other visual content must be extremely high-quality. But how do you go about creating these high-quality images? What if you don’t have the funds to hire a graphic designer? Where do you go? What do you do?

Video #4 - Congruency

When it comes to creating a funnel that generates traffic and converts it into sales, it comes down to congruency. This is an overlooked concept and you need to understand how to apply it in your funnel. So, in this video, we’ll cover each part of the funnel and what you need to do, step by step.

Video #5 - Visual Real Estate Matters

No, we’re not talking about houses here, but virtual real estate. In short, the size of your image matters a lot. You’re going to discover the secret image type and shape that converts the best.
Video #6 - An Attractive Pin

Once you understand the best converting shape in Video #5, you’re going to learn how to apply that to real life. You’re going to discover the tools you need to create a very attractive pin that will turn ugly and boring content into eye-catching pin worthy content.
Video #7 - The Anatomy

As we’re talking about images, I’m sure you’re asking, “Ok, what exactly am I supposed to put inside the graphic?” “Is there a blueprint or a formula?”  Yes, there is and that’s what we’re going to cover in this video.
Video #8 - Reverse Engineering Hack

Now that you understand the formula, how do you go about getting ideas for images you should use? In this video, we’ll reveal a hack that you can use to find trending pins in your niche and reverse engineer it to find your competitor’s secret sauce.
Video #9 - Pin Automation

In this video, you'll discover how to make your pinning so much easier. Pinning lots of high-quality images is crucial and you want to schedule their release as often as possible. But how do you do that when you’re sleeping or on a vacation? We’ll discuss some tools that will automate this tedious and time-consuming process. Congrats, you’ve completed the basic version of EZ Pin Traffic Reloaded!

Stop Reading Here If You Hate
Massive Amounts of Targeted Traffic.

Reloaded Bonus #1 - How To Make Your Account Stand Above Every Other In Your Niche.

Watch the competition scramble to keep up with you as your authority reigns supreme, and your account becomes the go-to for the majority of users interested in your line of business.
Reloaded Bonus #2 - How To Find The Most Popular Content On Pinterest And Use It To Your Advantage.

Content is king...but when it's coming from you, then you become the King (or Queen). Once you discover the power of becoming known for always delivering the best content, consumers will love you whether you created it or not. 
Reloaded Bonus #3 - How To Grow Your Account At The Speed Of Light.

Avoid wasting years trying to figure out how to reach the masses. Your account should grow effortlessly and attract followers like a magnet...(HINT: Just forget about mindlessly following hundreds of user per day, in hope they will feel sorry for you and follow you back.)

Reloaded Bonus #4 - How To Make Your Followers Love Your Pinterest Account.

When your followers recognize your account and can't wait to revisit it, you're doing something right. This leads to happy customers and REPEAT customers. I'll show you the way to accomplish it.

Reloaded Bonus #5 - How To Dominate Pinterest And Crush It As An Influencer.

Influence builds trust and makes anything you're selling simply fly of the shelf. Don't complicate this...just stick to what works. Soon, you'll be wondering where was all that traffic hiding before!
Reloaded Bonus #6 - How To Use Hacks That Pinterest Will Thank You For.

Pinterest is smart and it rewards users who work with their system, not against it. Once you achieve success through intelligent Pinterest marketing, the platform will give you the viral leverage you've been seeking right from the start.
Reloaded Bonus #7 - How To Get Visitors Dying To Share Your Content.

Don't push your content onto visitors. Have them inspired and excited to share it for you instead. I reveal the secret to this, so that you can focus on more important watching your content spread like wildfire.
Reloaded Bonus #8 - How To Go Viral, Over & Over Again Without Too Much Effort.

Forget about going viral, and just sit back while it happens naturally. Once you know my secret "Money Maker" technique, your struggle to produce viral pins will be a thing of the past.
Reloaded Bonus #9 - How To Take Advantage Of The Rules And Stay Ahead Of The Game.

Completely avoid the one simple mistake that will get your account banned. (Many people do this without even realizing it, and then it's Game Over!)
Reloaded Bonus #10 - How To Make Your Website Traffic Grow Almost Overnight.

Website traffic is a mystery for most people who know nothing about SEO, but Pinterest is the GAME-CHANGER. With no technical skills and just a little creativity, your site can attract daily visitors into the thousands and continue up from there.
Reloaded Bonus #11 - The 3-Step Strategy To Increase Your Income Using Only Pinterest Traffic.

Pinterest can be the solution to many business problems, because it handles most of the hard work. Traffic, buyers, content, engagement, etc. However, even the most successful e-commerce stores can supercharge their sales by using this specific technique.
Reloaded Bonus #12 - How To Get More Subscribers And Build A Bigger Email List.

With such an increase in enthusiastic visitors who can't wait to pin your content, your lead pages become impossible to ignore. I'll show you how to leverage that traffic and get them right where you want them...on your email list.
Reloaded Bonus #13 - How To Turn Your Internet Business Into A Fun Adventure.

Pinterest is such an awesome tool that you can use it to practically run your business for you, but you must know the "END-GAME". You'll learn how to direct your visitors to exactly where you want them, while you control every step of the way.
Reloaded Bonus #14 - How To Make Google Rank You Higher In Searches.

Google cannot ignore sites that become popular through social networks, and this is where you cash in. Leave all your search engine ranking techniques behind, and use the easy way to Page 1 rankings.
Reloaded Bonus #15 - How To Attract Only Visitors Who Want To Spend Money.

What if you could have only your premium visitors reserved for high-converting products & services? This way, your segmented traffic works for you in diffrent ways, depending on the level of their buyer intent. The end result is more sales and higher Earnings Per Click!
Reloaded Bonus #16 - How To Leverage Your Success Across All Social Networks.

Using your pinning success to scale across other social platforms makes your business grow exponentially. The good news is it's almost certain, because of the foundation you've already built on Pinterest.
Reloaded Bonus #17 - How To Get Paid For Other People's Work.

As a major influencer, your participation in joint venture deals becomes automatic. Businesses start chasing you and they are the ones fronting the time, effort, hard work and expenses. You simply decide if it's for you, or not.
Reloaded Bonus #18 - How To Use Your Smart Phone For Almost Every Task.

Gone are the days of slaving away at your computer, for hours on end. This Pinterest traffic machine runs on its own for the most part, and you can manage everything straight from your phone while lying on the beach...if you choose to do so.
Reloaded Bonus #19 - How To Create A Profile That Boosts Your Pins.

This one is super easy and so stealth that noone will even know you're doing it. Watch your pinning stats increase immediately, with just one simple tweak. You'll benefit from this for years to come.
Reloaded Bonus #20 - How To Choose A Niche That Has True Potential.

Finding the right niche can mean the difference between filling your bank account with cash, and seeing your results completely dry up without a cent. Not only must your niche be profitable, but it must be scalable...and something you take an interest in.
Reloaded Bonus #21 - Which Products & Affiliate Links Are Best For Pinning.

Get this part wrong and not only do you throw money down the drain...but you risk having your account suspended permanently! I'll show you the method I use to select products with the highest conversions, and ones that people will thank you for buying.
Reloaded Bonus #22 - How To Get The Maximum Views & Clicks On Pins.

Discover how to maximize every pin and get the most traffic possible for every piece of content you create. Once you learn this, your amazing results will just be a matter of rinse and repeat.
Reloaded Bonus #23 - How To Get Quality Followers Without A Website.

No problem! There is more than one way to skin a cat, and having Pinterest as your swiss army knife makes growing and getting followers, a piece of cake. This really is the most powerful tool you have, and in many ways, a website becomes redundant.
Reloaded Bonus #24 - How To Set Up Pinterest Boards For Maximum Views.

For just a few minutes of work, you can create the sales funnel to your business by way of board placement. Don't be one of the many who neglect this and as a result, lose out on truckloads of targeted traffic that would have be highly profitable.
Reloaded Bonus #25 - What To Pin And What Time To Pin Them.

This part doesn't have to be complicated, however, most people don't know where to start. All confusion ends today, as you never have to blindly guess again. Increase your pinning success with this basic window of time that works over and over again.
Reloaded Bonus #26 - What The Best Number Of Daily Pins Is For Your Success.

As with anything in life, there is a sweet spot that ensures the best results. I've done all the trial and error for you, so that it's now just a matter of following the steps I've proven to work.
Reloaded Bonus #27 - How To Analyze Pin Data So You Continue To Grow.

Analytics can play a major role in the speed of your growth. Again, let's keep it simple and use the information you've been given to leapfrog the competition. They won't know what hit them!
Reloaded Bonus #28 - Which Affiliate Networks Have The Best Products.

Depending on your niche, being involved with the right network will play a vital role in your affiliate commissions. Once you have this set up, you can ensure your checks arrive in the mail...or better still, are deposited straight into your bank account.
Reloaded Bonus #29 - Why You Must Stop Spending Thousands Of Dollars On Courses.

Pinterest is like any other network, in that it continues to evolve. Unlike other training programs, you won't be taught blackhat methods that will soon be invalid or will even put your account at risk. However, this program will give you a path to becoming unbreakable.
Reloaded Bonus #30 - How To Create Stronger Social Media Momentum Online.

This section reveals how to progress further and truly ride the social wave of traffic. This is the real deal, and it's the key to going truly viral with content that will stick around for years. But more importantly, it will impact and leave a lasting impression on your visitors.
Reloaded Bonus #31 - How To Pin Based On Your Specific Business Objective.

Every brilliant entrepreneur and business owner has primary objective. Continiously move in that direction, and follow in the footsteps of the major corporations online. That way, you won't be stuck trying to reinvent the wheel.

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